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  brandon maahs

   Brandon Maahs’ music has been heard internationally as a young composer. His “dreamcatcher” for multi-percussion solo is becoming a go-to for college musicians around the world, and his soundtrack for the YouTube series RealLifeLore has garnered millions of listens. Premieres and performances include the Dallas Wind Symphony, the Austin Symphony Orchestra, the Nautilus Brass, the Alkyona Quartet, the University of North Texas, the University of Southern Alabama and the Royal College of Music.

 As a composer for media he has written for a spectrum of the latest platforms; from television to streaming services, and iOS market to Steam. His score for the OneVision Games title ESSENCE has received positive critical review, and was performed in 2018 at the V&A Museum in London as part of its Design/Play/Disrupt exhibit.

   Attempting to merge complexities of the minimal and avant-guarde with neo-romantic trends in film music and modern literature, Maahs’ music was reviewed as “[having] a number of compelling features, including thoughtful string orchestration… and the most thunderous ending of the evening” by NewMusicBox in 2012.  

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