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NYC Trip

Well, just got back from my first trip to the Big Apple.

Seriously, the city never sleeps... like ever.

I did my grad school tours, made my rounds bumping elbows.

My highlight had to be getting lunch with Paul Chihara, a legendary film composer whom I had the privelage of studying with last year in masterclass at UNT. He did a very in depth lesson with me on my score to "Flip" for the Marvin Hamlish Contest, and it was easily one of the most beneficial lessons I've had of my life.

Ever the gentleman, he invited me and my friend who was also there visiting schools to go see the Cleveland Symphony with him and his wife at the Lincoln Center.

Honestly, Cleveland had been off my radar for the most part, but I was assured they were one of the best in the countries (if not the world, Chihara swore) and man was he right. They DESTROYED (in the good way) Beethoven's 6th and Strauss' Symphonia Domestica.

By the way, I'd never heard of Strauss' Domestic Symphony. I highly recommend you check it out. There's a movement in there about him having sex with his wife.

Cheeky bastard.

Highly look forward to returning ASAP. There's a very cool culture of artistry there that's refreshingly thriving relative to Texas. Love my home state, but fingers cross that I find my way to NYU come next year.

New York, I'll be back, dammit.

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