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"Dreamcatcher" premiere this Sunday

I'm super excited to announce my piece "Dreamcatcher", comissioned by Rebecca Villarreal will premiere this weekend at Voertman Hall in Denton, Texas.

Written for multi-percussion and electronic accompaniment, "Dreamcatcher" is influenced by the Native American legends of the dreamcatcher- little hand-woven trinkets used to filter bad dreams from the good. The performer plays as the dreamcatcher itself in two sections: the A section of 'good dream' which uses many extended techniques to create a surreal and ethereal soundscape, and the B section of 'bad dreams' where the performer fights off nightmares with sporadic tribal drumming in syncopation with eerie sound effects.

Rebecca and I are putting finishing touches on the sheet music and electronics this week in preperation for the premiere at her concert Sunday, which will be programmed along side other modern percussion music, including "Opening" by Philip Glass for marimba, "Saeta" by Elliott Carter, and Andi Akiho's "Stop Speaking".

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