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2016 Update

Obligatory "new year" post. I'm in Houston, Texas, sitting at the beautiful Brochstein Pavillion at Rice University while my friend is auditioning for grad school. It's a great place to write music - the weather is perfect, the environement is comfortably full of people without being busy, and everything is completely... picturesque. There's a French family sitting on a blanket having a picnic, small children giggling and chasing a golden lab (I don't know whose, it's just running around here like it's part of the school) and girls reading novels from your high school English class in sun dresses with wide brimmed hats, and two old people playing chess under a low hanging tree. Seriously, John Green couldn't write a better scene than this.

2016 will be a very cool year in the making. I've accepted a position with Manny Maldanado at MJM Music, and I'll be more or less writing and arranging marching music for Texas bands full-time. I couldn't be more excited.

My soundtrack for the film "Wonderkind", directed by Kris Vitateaux will be released relatively soon. This is the unnamed movie I was working on in the "10 Days to Score" post back in November. "Wonderkind" is easily one of the most beautiful films I've scored, and one of the coolest projects I've worked on to date. Kris is still putting some finishing touches on the film and I'm still writing the last bits of music for the ending scenes, but I'm extremely proud of this soundtrack and can't wait to share it with you all.

I'll be scoring two games in the immediate future, which will get their own posts when I get legal stuff out of the way. The first is a top-down RPG Sci-Fi game about a space cadet stationed at a city of interstellar crime, with alternate game play elements regarding whether you keep order or defect to space pirates. The game looks incredible, and the story elements I've seen are also interesting. The other is a new take on the zombie survival genre, with a minimalist approach focused on straight forward plot elements and survival. Like Shadow of the Colossus meets Minecraft... and then zombie pandemic destroys everything.

My last project is even MORE secret than the stuff I'm LEGALLY not allowed to talk about. But it's a large scale work derived from one of the quirkiest and obscure stories in early Americana I've ever heard, and commissioned by one of my best friends. But again, super secret.

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